"Sahyadri forest ecolodge” is founded by Shantimon, who is Social Entrepreneurs from Sahyadri nature and adventure club(Chithara). "Sahyadri forest ecolodge”promotes nature and culture  sensitiveeco-tourism. We work in close partnership with local Kani community to strengthen village economy and encourage people’s participation in nature conservation. 


 "Sahyadri forest ecolodge" promotes nature and culture sensitive ecotourism to provide additional source of livelihood for local communities and encourage their participation in nature conservation. "Sahyadri forest ecolodge" is a network of nature study centers. Situated on the slopes of the western ghats in Trivandrum & kollam districts in kerala (south india).We have three centres one at sasthamnada second at rajathottam at Aryankavu and other is at kallar near PONMUDI . Our main centre is launched at in a luscious rain forest, below the sankhili evergreen forests at Kulathoopuzha range in Trivandrum forest division, this place is known as SASTHAMNADA- "The Very Great One". Approximately 60km from Trivandrum and quilon (both are equal). Host to a unique habitat for over 300 Bird species including 34 species of Raptors and 5 Primates, amongst them the very rare lion tiled maquarel. "Sahyadri forest ecolodge" will give you a taste at south Indian rain forest at it's very best!

SahyadriThe lovely setting of the camp soon soothes away stress while the peace and quiet of unspoiled nature becomes a way of life. Country-style cooking enhances the intimate atmosphere experienced at Forest Camp.

As the concept at "Sahyadri forest ecolodge" is based on the environment and nature, we do not have a swimming pool(u can swim in natural streems 15 km from here), television, radios.
There is however a well stocked shop, filling station and bottle store nearby at Madathara. "Sahyadri forest ecolodge" is ideally situated for day excursions to the senthurini wildlife sanctury (Thenmala ± 25kms) Palaruvi water falls,(40km)Tropical Bottanical garden, Palode(Asia’s2nd garden -20kms )Kalakkayam water falls (30km), Beautiful waterfall –CHONDIPPARA in side the forest is a wonderfull sight. 




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